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squooz sz. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. if you plan to catch a ferry across the golden gate thomas tomorrow heads up. ticket agent called a one day strike for tomorrow, friday. heart is live in larkspur with the story tonigh tonight. everybody is trying
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to get the word out but this could catch some commuters off guard. >> yes. golden gate ferry service is cancelled for tomorrow and a week from tomorrow that ticket booth behind us is scheduled to close for good and that is what has led to this the stand off between the ticket seller union and the golden gate bridge district. now the ticket agent union sustained or sorry threatened a one day strike and that's when the bridge district stepped in and just cancelled service out right so not a strike to. it is a service cancellation. district wanted to give its customers a head's up tonight. 16 workers who sell tickets at the larkspur terminal embarcadero and on the sausalito ferry scheduled to be replaced by machines on july 8 a week from tomorrow. the the union says they have been negotiating with the bridge district since november 2009 but here at the 11th hour don't feel they are getting a fair deal. the district says it has to cholesterol an 89 million dollar budget gap over the next 5 years and it is offering to
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reassign the workers. >> we would appreciate if the district would focus more on the employees and the 34 years of service and treating them in a way that they can leave this job than to demean, disrespect and cast them off and hope we won't make a ruckus as we leave july 8. i think our organization has an excellent track record in what we of and what we put on the table. >>reporter: now on an afternoon friday the district says there are about 5000 commuters on the golden gate bridge district ferry. but on a friday the beginning of holiday weekend they would expect more around 3000 people. they say they will be doing what they call a sweep through the larkspur terminal tomorrow morning hoping to find people who may be hasn't gotten the word in time to make alternate plans and shuttling those people from here to the golden gate bridge toll bus stop where
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they catch another bus hopefully to the final destination. reporting live at larkspur ferry terminal, abc 7 news. okay thank you. >> first time in 5 years california has a budget on time. but it comes at a price. spending cut. headache and price of higher revenue that might never materialize. governor brown signed the 86 billion dollar spending plan today that counts on turn around in the recession to bring in higher revenue. struggling economy means city budget are hurting. san jose laid off 67 officers today. leaving more than 1100 officers to patrol the city keep in mind of more than 1 million people and this is happening as homicide there are on the rise. more now from corina rusk. >>reporter: for something never done before the lay off procession had an almost robotic rhythm. she was at the end of the line and feeling every bit like the term sounds. >> so much time so much dedication we put into it and just like that. they take our
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ban away. >>reporter: the last assignment for 67 officers looked like this. first the i.d. and badge then a handshake and hug. >> can't speck for everybody else here but everybody is sad, frustrated, angry what is going on. >>reporter: police lay off first in city history. yawn members took a 10% pay cut that saved 156 jobs but it wasn't enough to save everyone. >> slap in the face. of all the officers here and just very disheartening. >>reporter: the mayor blames out of control pension cost with no win option for the city leaders. >> i'm not happy. police are not happy. chief is not happy. nobody is happy here. we should be hiring officers not cutting them or laying them of off. >>reporter: message from the union is that fewer officers will mean more crime. there has been 28 murder so far this year. more than all of last year and gang violence is on the rise. >> those are the people that commit the violent crimes here in san jose and they know that we are not here any more and
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it's going to affect everybody here. >>reporter: police chief says he will restructure the department to put more officers on patrol. some have already signed on with other law enforcement agencies. others are still looking. >> child and wife. i have to do everything i can whatever that means and take care of my family. find employment elsewhere. >>reporter: san oh, says able to rehire any of says mayra says she would be happy to stand in that line. >> i love the city of san jose and the community. activity like issued stay here. it's home. >>reporter: many of the officers including mayra have signed up to be reserve officers, volunteering their time 16 hours a month and hope that retirement or some miracle funding could result in some job option. in san jose, corina rusk abc 7 news. well tough day for the police officers but california teachers won a major victory in the budget battle this week.
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one of the so-called trailer bills passed quietly tuesday night prohibit school district from laying off any more teachers for the next 12 month months. it requires them to maintain current staffing levels even if a revenue short fall triggers another round of cuts in sacramento. president of the calf teacher association says it will provide stability in the schools. but school officials say it will make it difficult to manage their finances. well every program you can think of in the new state budget took big hits. but there is some good news out of all of this. capitol correspondent annette has the story now from sacramento. >> this is the first on time budget pl since i have been governor. >>reporter: while governor brown joked about an on time budget, 86 billion dollar spending plan was no laughing matter. it pairs down state service substantially and general fund spending to the lowest since the early 70's. nearly 1 quarter of funding to
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uc and csu has been slashed. 70 state parks are slated foreclosure. and the poor elderly and disabled will have to live on smaller welfare grants and cash aid. >> these are real tough hard decisions and going forward californians have to think very hard about what is it that we want. >>reporter: democrats first choice but to ask california voters if they wanted to extend the expiring tax hike to save some services. but even after months of arm twisting governor brown could not convince 2 republicans in each house to go along. >> this is a victory the for the people. >>reporter: assembly republican celebrated the end of the temporary tax hike. marking it freedom from higher taxes day. they estimate the average california household will be able to keep about 1,000 dollars per tax year. >> this is much-needed relief and it is the result of assembly republican standing together to protect the only special interest group that we represent and that's the hard
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working taxpayers. >>reporter: businesses like car dealership hope californians spend their extra money. >> i think there's a lot of people standing on the said line waiting for the vehicle license fee and the sales tax to go down. i think there's a pent-up demand and certainly help the business. >>reporter: democrat say there ace price to having mr. money in your pocket and less for state coffer in. terms for us to deliver service and education opportunities for our children there's a net negative there. >>reporter: governor brown used line item vet 0pen to make more cuts today. he's eliminating important commission that is mean lay off ahead in the coming months. he reduced funding to the the high speed rail project. in sacramento, l abc 7 news. california sales tax will go down by 1% at midnight. that's when the temporary increase will expire. the state expects to lose about 4 and half million dollars because of the change because most coffel answer however will save a few cents on a slice of pizza or other small purchase
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and many people delayed major purchase lick big a car or an appliance so they can save even more. >> tomorrow this tl car with the tax save 4 28 dollars and 59 cents. without any negotiations from today to tomorrow. >> i don't think a lot of people are buying expensive items these days. i'm buying one because i have to. still burnt out. >> retailers must reprogram the cash register after they close for business tonight so consumer charged the correct sales tax l starting tomorrow. l budget issues in minnesota will likely shut down that state government in less than an hour from now. prospects to reach a deal by midnight deadline 10:00 o'clock our time do not look good at this point. main issues are taxes and 5 billion dollar deficit in minnesota. shut down would force thousands office layoffs. bring road projects to a standstill and close state parks right before the fourth of july weekend. and before the deadline, people rushed today to get drivers and
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fishing licenses and park officials began warning campers to pack their gear and leave. minnesota tough times. >> budget issues for a moment we leave and move to stunning security breach at one of america busiest airport. nigerian man talked his way through security checkpoint with a fake i.d. someone else's day old boarding pass and 10 more stolen passes in his suitcase. how did he manage to fly from new york to la? then board another flight and why did it take days to arrest him? here's lisa stark. >> the first security failure happed aew yo k aiort ght a thesa eckpoint. sa screeer failed to stop nigerian borne man even though he had no driver's license or passport. just a student i.d. boarding pass? it was in a different name f.what is worst date on the boarding pass was wrong, too. it said june 23. he used it on the 24th he did go through
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stand arrested screening. tsa says he was clear. no prohibit the items. but then security breakdown no. 2. at the gate ill it z.boarding pass for the wrong day was also for the wrong flight. it said flight 4 13. he boarded flight 4 15. pl virgin america admits the gate agent let him on. joseph morris used to run security at jfk airport. >> we could have the best technology. we could have the best processes and plans but again it comes down to the human factor and human error. >>reporter: once on board he seated himself comfortably in premium seat and confronted by flight attendant after seeing the invalid document the crew notified authorities from the cockpit. law enforcement met the plane. talked to the man but amazingly let him go. until yesterday. full 5 days later. when he was picked up at the los angeles airport.
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trying to pull the same stunt on a delta fly. fbi swooped i in. he was carrying at least 10 other boarding passes in various names. >> now almost 10 years since september 11 and the most basic element of security has been breached. inexcusable. >>reporter: officials say they have no reason to believe that the man is a terrorist but there is no doubt they say that he has exposed some major flaws in the system. lisa stark abc news washington. >> l still to come here tonigh tonight. search for missing student. case brings los angeles investigators to the bay area. tonight you will see how the boy got left behind. >> also medical news. now you see it soon you won't. >> original conception was that we would make bad scars good and good scars perfect. >> doctors at stanford develop a way to erase the ugly scars of surgery. >> a i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. just in tame for the fourth of july. a forecast center. just in tame f[ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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saisz. >> gropy eye and diamond study earring in the right ear. he was one of 35 students from 2 different indian schools whoo were traveling together for 10 day tour of california with the last three days in san francisco. although the tour group had a packed itinerary
9:17 pm
for san francisco including the california academy of science and host of other tourist destination they spent the afternoon stuck on the bus outside the indian consulate. 1 or 2 at a time police escorted each student and teacher off the tour bus for individual interviews inside the consulate building withless ang detective who flew here to meet far police say they learned he speaks limited english and substantial amount of money in his pocket. though other details are vague. >> there is no indication that there is any foul play whatsoever in this particular case. >>reporter: now we spoke to some of the chaperone from the tour group but none wanted to be interviewed on camera. police say they are concerned that he might have arranged to be picked up by someone he met over the internet. in the newsroom, 7 news. all right let's move on to weather forecast as we hit the holiday weekend. spencer christian is here. >> just as fourth of july approaches we have summertime heat building. starting to warm-up starting already. >> feels good. >> feels really good. tonight live view from our high
9:18 pm
definition sutro camera out over san francisco skies are clear and nice and cool and breezy here in san francisco although still pretty warm in some inland areas. this afternoon we saw the fog burning away from the coast line. sunny skies from the coast to the inland areas and right now not right now but this afternoon high pressure climb to the mid 80's in many inland location and look at how much warmer it was today than yesterday. 15 degrees warmer antioch and livermore. 14 degrees warmer at concord. 9 degrees warmer at napa. bay area we had a significant warm-up over yesterday levels of high pressure and going to get even warmer. right now we look at temperature readings of 75 degrees in antioch. 73 at concord. 70 fremont. still pretty mild inland area. cooling down a bit around the bay and of course near the coast. 56 at half moon bay. these are the highlights. patchy coastal fog will develop overnight. see a warming trend continuing tomorrow. in fact continue go through the weekend and right on in to next week
9:19 pm
and we have hot days ahead into next week in the inland locations. now overnight low will be on the mild side. in fact pretty much in the range we have seen the last couple nights. mainly mid 50's to the upper 50's inland location like antioch and there will be some patchy coastal fog but not very wide spread. satellite image shows big ridge of high pressure building in. it is the dominant feature in our weather for several days. so we have a string of sunny and hot days inland coming our way. start our forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point there will be a little bit of patchy fog around. not much. burn away quickly. sunny skies once again from the coast to the inland areas. high in the coast tomorrow mid 60's. 70's to 80's around the bay and 90's in the warmest inland location locations. mid 90's tomorrow but climbing higher later in the forecast period. down in the south by tomorrow look for sunny skies with high in the mid upper 80's. 88 at los gatos and planes upper 70's to low 80's. 82 at redwood city. 83 at los altos. low mid 60's
9:20 pm
on the coast pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco expect a high of 71 tomorrow. 65 in the sun set district. up in the north bay look for high ranging from 81 at san rafael to 85 at petalum petaluma. 86 sonoma. 89 at santa rosa and low 90's farther north. nearest bay we see high pressure in the upper 70's to right around 80. 80 degrees at castro vaechlt 81 at 43 month. inland east bay a bit warmer. upper 80's to low 90's and monterey bay we is he mid 70's near the bay and up to 91 inland at gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and hook at the heat build inland. high will be in the upper 90's to almost 100 over the weekend. cooling down a couple degrees on monday which of course is further of july. mid 80's around the bay most of the forecast period up to 70 degrees on the coast. this warm weather will sustain itself. last for about a week or longer. >> sustain itself. >> we hope so. >> thanks spencer very much. guinness world record came out with its list of the most
9:21 pm
watched video on you tube. you ready? here it is. ♪ baby baby baby oh, baby baby. >> yes. that's justin bieber singing baby. guinness says the video is you tube most viewed with over 5 75 million hits. experience is one of them i suspect. >> then again guinness says it's almost the most disliked video on you tube. 1.5 million people say they hate it. l ty won't say where spencer stands on it. still ahead tonight. stephen colbert goes to washington. >> hello freedom lovers. he gets the okay to form a political action committee sfol what's the point of it. >> about pretty much see where the water is coming through the dam. >> house right in the way. coming. what state officials plan to do about crack in a da
9:22 pm
coming. what state officials plan to do about crack in a da 
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9:24 pm
>> the rapid spring run off in the sierra has people living up there very concerned tonight. an old dam like this lake in soda springs has certainly seen better days. but now some people wonder about the safety as cracks are springing aot ofeaks. here's dave. >> from a distance the old dam is picturesque and looks pretty solid but take a closer look say local. >> water coming out the bottom of it around the side and it's cracked right here. pretty much clearly see where the water is coming through the dam and l that's probably not very good. >>reporter: closer look a crack running across the face of the dam with water flowing through and steady stream. north side a torrent of water
9:25 pm
under the dam where you see the ground quickly eroding away. >> live down the street on the river and house is only about 15, 20 feet from the river and that river broke through it would be pretty devastating to my house and other houses. >> we have residence and business did you know here as well as a major road so we are concerned about that. >> right now we don't see it as a threat but to make sure that it is not we are going to have personnel for the next few days come by here periodically. take pictures and see if there is a major difference. >>reporter: nevada county isn't even sure who owns the dam these days. used to be pg&e but it may have changed hands. and this summer with the heavy run off it may be more at risk than in many year years. one obvious question about the water coming around the side of the dam is whether it could act like a boil does along a levee leak and get bigger and bigger and then eventually can cause a catastrophic failure. some worry even a partial collapse of the dam to be a serious problem for cabin owners for miles along the aruba river below. >> definitely high and if we get any more water it's even
9:26 pm
greater concern. >> we are going to montoyrt and if we do see it as a threat we'll notify residents. >>reporter: dave mark, news 1 10. >> white house tweeted today that president obama will host a twitter town hall next wednesday in the east room of the white house. he will only answer questions about jobs and the economy. people around the country can begin if interested posting their question today by using the tag ask obama. >> who says washington doesn't have a sense of humor. federal election commission okay a political action committee formed by saturday tire steven colbert. p.e. proclaimed victory today after the sec says he can use the tv show to raise as much money ease wants from wealthy and union and corporation to spend it on political xaichbility he made the request after supreme court ruled it's unconstitutional to
9:27 pm
limit campaign donation. >> i for one didn't think participating in democracy is a joke. i don't think that wanting to know what the rules says joke. >>reporter: one rae strikes he can only promote the p ac on his own show. >> and he will. when 7 news at 9 continues here tonight. 8 days and counting. final flight of the shuttle program. one astronaut says there is so much hoopla surrounding the last mission that he can't wait to go into quarantine and get away from it all. >> also tonight. dramatic impact climate change could have soon on the napa valley wine industry. >> also why red wine could be called exercise in a bottle. >> and if you want to quit called exercise in a bottle. >> and if you want to quit smoking, check yourism phone
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good evening once again. the 4 astronauts assigned to nasa last space shuttle flight. they are bee sieged with last minute request for launch ticket. the commander in the mission is so much hoopla surrounding he can't wait to go into quarantine which will happen tomorrow. shuttle crew always take up residence at the johnson space sher in houston a week before lift off to avoid germ. more tonight on the last mission from abc ted. >> with 8 days to go until the shuttle goes to space for the last time the crew isn't looking to extend the legacy any longer. they are ready to looking to extend the legacy any longer. they are ready to go
9:31 pm
had shuttle takes 8,000 pounds that supplies spare parts to the space station. everything from a computer print tore tread mill track to food. lots of food. space station craw forever 9 months and it all has to be moved by hand. easier in zero g but still 5 days worth of work. >> it's fun to fly around with the bags back and forth and demanding from the viewpoint you are always in motion and actually mentally demanding because you keep track of what you transfer. >> once done the shuttle is
9:32 pm
done. 30 years of history and >> once done the shuttle is done. 30 years of history and it all becomes, well, americans greatest spacecraft ever designed grounded. brave astronaut lacking in uncertain. ever designed grounded. brave astronaut lacking in uncertain. >>. >> red wine may help offset the effect and astronauts may not be the only beneficiary. red wine contains the same antioxidant that has proven good for our hearts. now researchers say it may also prevent the insulin resistance orless of bone mineral density seen so often in astronauts. researchers say it could also help anyone that does not get enough physical activity here on earth. now caution that it
9:33 pm
may not be a stawt for exercise but it could slow days tier yaition until someone can get up and move a bit more again. >> on the subject of wine. wine growers in oregon got some good news today. climate change will improve growing conditions and improve the quality of their lives. as wayne reports the same study doesn't paint such a rosey future for napa valley. >> for a cabernet vine in the napa valley this was a perfect 85 degree day. dipd of -- kind of weather the plant likes and. >> about normal for the end of june beginning of july. >>reporter: mat runs vineyard operation here. the only news that might have soured the day a new study by the climate at researcher at stanford. he has been lacking at the effects of global warming on california wine and the conclusions are a little scary. he predicts a two degree rise in temperature that could render half of napa valley vineyard unfit for producing premium vintage. >> when we look at the napa
9:34 pm
valley we final the area saw i itable for premium wine production is likely to decrease over the next 30 years as a result of global warming. >>reporter: according to the study the biggest danger is not from a temperature rise of a few degrees but the effect of very hot days on these vines. right now they get maybe 30 da days a year with temperature exceeds 95 degrees. but in 30 years the vines might see 40 hot days. >> with the foreseeable future is it's manageable. i think it's irresponsible for us to be sort of calling the death of the industry in the napa valle valley. >>reporter: the vintner association this isn't a climate change debate but climate change study. last february growers publish their own academic study which shows that while night temperatures have i hope ceased by one degree, daytime numbers remain the same. stanford study does not have them convinced yet. >> too much of a broad stroke. broad brush stroke of agriculture in the western u.s.
9:35 pm
. about not specific enough to napa valley. >> for napa the study recommends plant with lower quality grapes. growers not so sure that will be necessary. >> i don't think that's going to end premium wine grape production in napa value. we have to adapt how we grow the grapes. >>reporter: we lack at appalachian adaptation with 3 decade warning. from the napa valley wayne friedman abc 7 news. british researchers say that text messages help smokers quit. in a study in the journal smokers 7 supportive message, text message and texted for help during cravings or relapses. smokers say the messages help them through the quitting process making them feel less isolated during the whole thing. after 6 months just under 11 percent were still not smoking. keep in mind that figure is still double the quit rate of those people who 7 no text messages. does apparently make a difference. l more medical news now.
9:36 pm
from simple c-section to most complex surgery. patients typically expect to have one thing in common. deep lasting scar. researchers at stanford believe a simple device could soon change that. here's health science reporter carolyn johnson. >> no matter how carefully a surgeon closes an incision scarring is inevitably part of the healing process. but now researchers at stanford say they have come up with a way to limit it. >> the original conception that was we would make bad scars good and good scars perfect. >>reporter: to achieve that d dr. jeffrey and his team at stanford began mapping the force that typically pulls on incision after the future your removed causing scar tissue to spread and began experiment with stretchable material with goal of immobilizing the incision area while it is healing. >> when the bandage removed it con stribingts. you can feel, you can sense that there is essentially like a soft tissue splint. >>reporter: result is a new kind of elastic bandage that
9:37 pm
stretched over the skin with adhesive. as it regains the original shape the bandage gently pull also the skin toward the incision line as it heals. while the difference in pressure is slight, the result in clinical trials are clearly visible. the left side of the incision was left to heal on its own whale the rate side covered with the elastic sheet. >> this actually prevents the forces that make those scars look worse and worse. >>reporter: team is now expan expanding the clinical trial with the goal of repeating the result with different skin type f.successful they believe elastic stress shield could become a routine post surgical treatment. >> we are very excited because i think we have prachb that the biology works in human. eliminates one of the key factors in the biology of wound healing that makes scar form. >> interesting. carolyn reporting for us. current version of the shield does in the contain any medication in case wondering about the doctor says future versions will combine factors such as vitamin
9:38 pm
e or stem cell to enhance the healing process. open for business. coming up here next. china celebrates another engineering marvel. why it could be called a marathon milestone. subject of engineering marvel i'll have an exclusive look at massive tunnel project and the water that will deliver throughout the bay area. >> also tonight. frol basketball in trouble. a look out just now in effect. if
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of. >> in a couple of weeks construction crew will fire up a massive boring machine that will cut a tunnel under san francisco bay. it's part of a multi-billion dollar retrofit of the aging water system that supplies more than two million of us with water. we got an exclusive look at the project and it ace story you will see only from abc 7. >>reporter: from the ground you probably have no idea what is about to happen along this this former marsh near the bridge. take a closer look and you see a hole 11 stories deep that is the gateway for a new water pipe that will serve millions of people in the bay area. construction crews showed abc 7 news around the ground breaking project. >> it will be the first tunnel under the san francisco barracks unlike the bart tunnel constructed from a series of tubes that rest on the bottom
9:42 pm
of the bay, this new 5 mile tunnel will actually be kavbed out of the earth under the bay from menlo park to newark. at the bottom of the huge hole workers are assembling a 600 foot long, 10 million dollar digging machine. it was made in japan and shipped over in 65 crates. >> has 6, 200 horsepower drive motor that turn the cutter hea head. >>reporter: this sci-fi looking monster will have the power to tear threw up to 50 feet of mud, sand and rock every day sending it out of the tunnel on conveyor belt. tunnel will be lined with concrete to the reinforce the opening and to protect the workers. >> this is one of the most safe tunnels that you can work in because they are never exposed to the outside dirt, rock whatever is there. >> now really crunch time in terms of checking every detail and really making sure we are happy with how we are going to get started. >>reporter: in just a couple of weeks workers will begin drilling. >> once again with putting the
9:43 pm
tunnel in we come back and put in l steel carrier pipe that will deliver the water. >>reporter: san francisco public utilities commission owner the heaven i water syste system. the old pipe built in 1925 and 1936 have reached the end of their lives. engineers say the existing pipeline that run over the bay won't survive major earthquake. failure here could jeopardize the water supply for millions of people. bay tunnel however is designed to withstand a big quake on either the san andre as or hayward fault. >> when the tunnel is constructed we'll be able to take the existing pipe out of operation between menlo park and newark. >>reporter: voters passed a 4.6 billion dollar bond measure in 2002 to fund massive overhaul at the water system. the network of continual, pipe pipes, dam and regulation voyeur deliver water to 167 miles from the reservoir in yosemite national park to
9:44 pm
crystal springs reservoir along i 280 in san mateo county. tunnel is scheduled to be completed by 2015 and is expected to cost 3 13 million dollars. incredible project. now when the pipe lane was first constructed over the bay, there were few environmental concerns but today it runs intera wild life refuge that means sound movement need to be minimized so not to disturb wild life and more steps needed to protect the endangered species in that area. well china is celebrating the latest engineering milestone. world longest bridge over sea water modern marvel more than 26 miles long. bridge took 4 years to build at cost of roughly 88 million dollars. bridge nearly 3 miles longer than the previous record holder lake pontchartrain cause way in louisiana. the brim is in china eastern coast. it is expected to carry about 30,000 cars every day. l coming up next here. not
9:45 pm
complicateed to nail down exactly what is the color did salmon look like? >> most famous newly wed come our way. clothes. crowd. >> most famous newly wed come our way. [ man ] i gotwd. this new citi thankyou card
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princess kate touched down on the first official over seas trip in canada. they will be in los angeles on july 8. bob is traveling with them. >> royal couple arrived to a boisterous welcome. >> love this country. we have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time. >>reporter: first stop the national war memorial where they laid a wreath and some flowers. then it was a stroll down a street surrounded by those eager to wave a flag and catch a glimpse of the electrifying couple. >> amazing. amazing. l l fairy tale come true. >>reporter: sense of how popular the couple has become in canada you should know that exactly a year ago quinn elizabeth was here. about 10 100,000 people lined the streets to see her. the estimate this time? about 1 million canada flew a new created flag for the prince in place of its own. while allyes ocain say they wour
9:49 pm
prince william would be on the thrown instead of his father. it's a new generation. >> i would lake to see him on the thrown. i really do i think he connects well with the people. so i think he would do a good job. >>reporter: bob woodruff reporting. royal couple heads to los angeles on july 8 where they will introduce british film star to hollywood executives at gala dinner. let's go back to weather royalty spencer with the forecast. >> king of weather. thank you. thank you dan. start with a look at the satellite image. high pressure building in. huge ridge of high pressure will bring us a string of sunny and hot days inland. l it will last all the way through the forecast period. high pressure tomorrow reach into the low mid 90's in the east and north
9:50 pm
pwaivlt 70's and 80's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast and state wide tomorrow pretty warm too down through the central valley high in the 90's. down to the desert 113 degrees in palm springs. saturday will be even warmer or should i say hotter up to 114 palm springs. 103 in fresno and just below 100 in chico and sacramento here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast and watch the heat build in inland high hovering around 98 degrees close to 100 in many inland location through most of the forecast series. mid 80's around the bay and up to 70 on the coast. fourth of july is looking spectacular. >> nice viewing by the way. nice visibility for the fireworks monday night. >> thank you your highness. >> if what's the difference between can if you can answer that then you should ace this quiz. according to the "new york times"tl paint maker try to find ways to expand out. one way is to find paint color
9:51 pm
names that invoke emotion. so here we good. can you name this paint color? no. 1 here are the choices. is this truffle oil. new yorker. home or wean in the country? well the answer pl weekend in the country. no. 2 is this. peach blanket. tapioca, bonanza, file cabinet or first date. >> tapioca. >> file cabinet. there you go. >> finally is this color in the trenches. dead salmon. cerebral or goodbye. >> spencer is giving me the answer. dead salmon. >> dead salmon. kind of looks like beige or tan to me but everybody has to be fichlt i had dead salmon for dinner. >> regret that a little later. >> yes you are. >> mike here with sports. >> those are if loss couple a's second baseman ellis found a
9:52 pm
new home. traded today and let you know and [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family. 10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. golden gate ferry service as we reported is cancelled tomorrow and weekend service is still uncertain. now how it could impact the fourth of july weekend. >> bed bug problem sweeping through one south bay county now. big problem. why renter can not get help to exterminate these little bed bug pests. the stories and who are coming up in one hour on 7 news at 1 11:00. mike is here. business
9:55 pm
in baseball. >> it is with my salmon color. a's trade second baseman el 30's colorado for minor league pitcher and player to be named later. ellis l was 10 years with the team and he went out with hamstring injury and l week played so well he lost the starting job. career 265 hitter. played entire stint with oakland and handled demotion and trade with class. >> it's a great organization. i have been proud to be part of it for 10 years and it's going to be tough but there's a time in everybody life where this stuff happens and l it happens to to be my time to move on and go up to another organization. >>reporter: great guy. he will be missed. root beer float today florida game today. 29,000 dollars raised for juvenile diabetes. the struggle continue here and fifth inning marlins led 5 nothing at one point. but the
9:56 pm
a's stage late rally. see you. third of the year makes it 5-2. then in the 9th kurt with man on. line drive to left. scale the wall and the lead cut to 1. but then week. last hope swing and myself toned it. ellis looking better rate now. 5-4 the final. >> well the giants had 18 hits in the first of 4 games against the cubs and they used them all up in the one game they have struggled to hit the cow hide since. game 4 drought is on. they had one run going in to bottom the 9th and looked like that would be enough for the win. wilson gives up the 1 out home run and ramirez that send the game to extra innings. giants hit led for 10 and third innings. to pablo untie in the 13. sixth home run of the yea year. back on top. then ramirez can not hold the lead. 2 out. single to left. ross coming home. airmail the thro throw. game tied at 2. now 2
9:57 pm
batter later. soto pinch hitting. see ya. 3 run walk off homer to left. 5-2 the final. jints lost 2 straight. start 3 game set tomorrow in detroit. >> well nfl and now nba fans may have to find a new hobby. nba owner locked out the players less than an hour ago in the collective bargaining agreement expired. issue according to owners 22 of the 30 teams were in the red this year with 300 million dollars in losses. they want a hard salary cap 45 million as opposed to the soft cap that currently exist that makes it tough for small market teams to survive. as a result they want more revenue sharing among the teams and first lock out since 1998. laker guard fisher speaking on the player behave today. >> there are a lot of our fans people that follow our game that although we are not going to miss any games at this poin point, still just don't like the prospect of a lock out. we don't like it either.
9:58 pm
something our owner feel like is the best way i goes maybe get what they want. we don't agree. >>reporter: all right. ladies day at wimbledon. semifinal action former champion marie is one win away of second title at the all england racket club. maria with 17 when won first nightcast 2004 facing if and spotted the german wild card. 3 fog lead but roared back winning 12 of the final 16 game despite 13 double fault. advances to the final with a straight set victory. maria faces pet ra. surprise victoria left handier 40 winners and 14 unforced error and hitting winner from everywhere. first birth in grand slam final winning today until 3 sets. all right let's tee it up first round of the national in pennsylvania. adam scott. joins hunter at the top
9:59 pm
of the leader board. shot of the day. eric on 11. second shot. watch this. 2 hop. bottom of the jar. for eagle. compton shot a 76 today. but the fact that he's even playing on tourist amazing. he has had 2 heart transplants. amazing story. 2 heart transplants. amazing story. men semifinal tomorrow at wimbledon. gairp tie an upset. >> yes. >> if it will be interesting. >> this whole two weeks. >> it really has. williams sisters knocked out. coming to a close. >> thanks. all the highlights. that's this edition of 7 news at 9 here on tv 20. stay with us now. stay connected. 7 any time you wish. for mike, spencer all of us thanks for watching. hope to see you again in an hourn thanks for watching. hope to see you again in an hourn channel 7. goodbye for now

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